L’Oréal Nail Polish in Grenat Irrévérent – Swatches and Review

Whenever I go to Shoppers Drug Mart I have to go by the nail polish section, even if it’s just to take a quick glance at the current sales. When I actually stop by to look at colours I always pick up L’Oréal‘s nail polish in Grenat Irrévérent. It’s definitely my type of colour, but I always leave it behind… that is, until last week. Yup, it finally came home with me!

L'Oréal Nail Polish in Grenat Irrévérent

This nail polishes is part of a new line called vernis à l’huile (oil nail polish) that came out last year (2016). They have a unique formula infused with 4 precious oils for mirror shine and rich colour with an easy, one-stroke application.

The oils give a perfumy scent to the nail polish that I wasn’t expecting. I find that it smells like my mom’s makeup from the 80s, and I constantly felt like I was applying makeup to my nails instead of nail polish, lol!

The brush on this bottle is wide and thin, just like I love them. It works really well and only requires a couple of strokes to fully cover the nail.

L'Oréal Nail Polish in Grenat Irrévérent

Grenat irrévérent is a gorgeous dark burgundy wine that makes my heart skip a beat.

L'Oréal Nail Polish in Grenat Irrévérent

Apparently you’re able to obtain breathtaking shine and opaque coverage in one easy stroke, but for me it took three coats to get full coverage. I found the formula pulled easily and I ended up with patches all over the place.

When this happens I tend to go thicker with my coats as well, and in this case it made the polish bubble on a few fingers (see middle finger). The formula had a gorgeous shiny finish on its own, but it just wasn’t smooth enough for my liking so I added a layer of top coat (I always do). It still bubbled on my middle finger, but oh well.

L'Oréal Nail Polish in Grenat Irrévérent

Once all is said and done I absolutely LOVE my nails! This is definitely my type of colour.

Have you tried any colours from this collection? What are your thoughts on the formula?

– Chantal 🙂


L'Oréal Nail Polish in Grenat Irrévérent

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