Born Pretty Cuticle Softener Pen – Review

I take care of my nails on a weekly basis, and usually on Friday night because I can stay up a bit later than usual. Sometimes I skip a week, like this past weekend because I had a sinus cold. But I never go more than two weeks without doing some nail care.

The very first thing I do when doing my nail care routine is to push back my cuticles. And I’ll be honest with you, I rarely use a cuticle softener. I know, I know, it’s BAD, and my nails are full of grooves because I use too much pressure. I do have some Blue Cross Cuticle Remover, but it’s a huge bottle and just a hassle to use. I’ve been meaning to pour it into a smaller bottle, but I’m a very bad procrastinator at times.

Enter the Born Pretty Cuticle Softener Pen ($4.59 USD), the answer to my problem! Give it to me in a format I can easily use right away and I WILL use it!

Born Pretty Cuticle Softener Pen

I would usually list the ingredients for the product, but I can’t find them anywhere. They’re not listed on the packaging nor on the product page. All I could find was this info on Amazon: This unique natural cuticle oil contains vitamins to nourish moisturize and protect the cuticles and nail. I’ll be honest, I don’t like not knowing what’s in my products. But I still use this one.

The instructions are quite simple:

  1. Apply cuticle softener and wait for 1-2 mins
  2. Push the dead skin softly with cuticle pusher
  3. Remove the dead skin with cuticle clipper
  4. Apply cuticle oil

Born Pretty Cuticle Softener Pen

The Cuticle Softener Pen is really easy to use and works well; it does help soften the cuticles and makes pushing them back easier.

This product has a VERY faint scent that is pleasant, but I only smell it if I put the product up to my nose.

My only complaint about this product is that I can’t find an ingredients list, but otherwise I really like it. I will definitely keep using it during my nail care routine.

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Do you use a cuticle softener?

– Chantal 🙂

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