Photojojo Phone Lens Series – Review

I first heard about Photojojo on Instagram and like any curious person I went and checked them out. They have a bunch of cool gadgets and I was really interested in their Phone Lens Series. I put them on my Christmas wish list and when I opened my gifts, there they were!

There are 3 items, but 4 lens in this kit (2 solos plus a 2-in-1): fisheye, telephoto, wide angle, and macro. They come with a little metal ring that you stick on your phone around your camera, and the lens attach to it magnetically (you get extra rings in case you lose one).

Each lens has a cover and a strap so you can put them on your key-chain or throw them in your purse.


This is one of the 2-in-1 lens.  The macro lens allows you to do extreme close-ups.  This is the lens I’ve used the most so far because it takes awesome shots of my nail polish. 🙂

Wide Angle

This is the other of the 2-in-1 lens.  This lens allows you to include more of the scene into your photo.

While playing around with this lens I discovered that it also does nice close-ups.


The fisheye lens is an ultra wide-angle lens that includes a little more than the wide angle lens and it “rounds out” your images.


The telephoto lens brings you closer to your subject.

Final Thoughts

These lens are really easy to use.  Stick the metal ring to your phone and you’re all set!  No need to worry about a bulky setup.

They make your phone’s camera very versatile, they’re great!  I love these and will definitely be using them a lot.

– Chantal 🙂

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