Mask Monday: Montagne Jeunesse ”Red Earth Clay Spa” Face Mask Sheet

Hey everyone!

Today’s mask is the Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa face mask sheet that I won from Beyond Blush (along with the Dead Sea Mud Spa face mask sheet).

Prepare your skin for a truly incredible, fresh pulped & juiced, deep cleansing journey. We’ve infused Mediterranean Clay with suitably spicy Cinnamon & pulped Pomegranates to protect. This juicy boost will captivate your skin & your senses.


This mask smelled spicy and fruity, but I wouldn’t have been able to say it was cinnamon and pomegranate though. It was just a general spicy and fruity scent to me.

The Mask

I expected this mask to have a red-ish colour, but it’s more orange than red, kind of a burnt orange.

The material is a bit thicker than what I’m used to with my KBeauty masks, but it still applies well to the face and stays in place.


This mask felt good when I was applying it, and it felt cool when I walked around.

You need to rinse your face after you remove the mask because it leaves a residue on your face. After that I followed with moisturiser and my skin felt good for the rest of the night.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t like this mask as much as the Dead Sea Mud Spa, but didn’t hate it. I preferred the smell of the other one. But I’m still happy I got to try this one cause a little home pampering always feels good.

Have you tried this Red Earth Clay Spa mask?

– Chantal 🙂

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