Tea Empties: Vol II

Hey everyone!

It’s been a looong time since my last Tea Empties post and in reality this one should have been posted last November. But you know how things go sometimes, you put it aside and then completely forget about it. And since it’s been so long I don’t quite remember all my thoughts on these teas since I didn’t write anything down.

I could have just thrown them out and pretend it never happened, but since I’m trying to drink through my huge stash (which has new additions since I first posted about it) I feel like posting about my empties makes it feel like I accomplished something.

Some of these were added recently so those I remember better.

Here it goes with my best recollection…

The “old” teas

Compliments Wild Jumbleberry (herbal) – I actually wrote some notes on this one. This tea tasted fruity, but I could not pinpoint a specific fruit. On the packaging it has instructions to do an iced tea with it, which I tried (5-6 bags + 2c boiling water, steep 5 mins, add honey or sugar if desired, add 2c cold water and chill). I didn’t find that it had too much flavour as an iced tea, and it lacked sugar (I didn’t add any). This tea tasted better hot.

Mlesna Cranberry (ceylon) – I really don’t remember how this one tasted.

President’s Choice Raspberry Thriller (herbal) – I remember that this one was fruity and I really liked it.

President’s Choice Cranberry (herbal) – This one was fruity too and tasted good.

S Sens Apple & Raspberry (herbal) – This one I remember tasted similar to PC Raspberry Thriller (above). It was fruity and good.

S Sens Peach & Passion Fruit (herbal) – Another fruity tea that was good.

Tetley Red Berry (rooibos) – I honestly don’t remember how this one tasted.

Most Recent Teas

Lupicia Caramel & Rum (rooibos) – OMG this tea is DELICIOUS!!! It tastes warm and sweet and just all levels of yummy. Thankfully I have more!

Lupicia Sakurambo (black) – This tea tastes really good. It has Japanese cherries in it which gives it a fruity flavour.

Lupicia Sakurambo Vert (green) – This tea is just like Sakurambo (above) but with green tea. Unfortunately I get nauseated when I drink this one. I don’t know why, but I do. I would still have it once in a while in the hopes that the feeling would pass, but it never did. So I finally accepted that fact and will throw it out.

Lupicia Tarte Au Poire (green) – Tarte au poire is French for pear pie, but it’s misspelled. It should be tarte à la poire. French is my main language. 🙂 Anywho, I’ve had this tea for ages, and the reason I have 2 is because I had bought one for my parents and my father gave me all their teas after my mother passed away. These tins are not empty, but unfortunately this tea makes me nauseous every time I drink it, and it’s been like that since the beginning. So I’m finally throwing them out. I’m keeping the tins though. As for the taste, it’s hard to describe… it’s a bit pear-ish, but I guess it’s a bit pie-ish too, lol!

DAVIDsTEA Kiwi’s Big Adventure (green) – This tea was fruity and really good. Some of my friends loved it so I always made it when they came to visit.

Lychee Black Tea (black) – This tea tasted like lychee and it was really good. I have no clue what the brand is though, but their tins are really cute.

Teaopia Coco Caramel (rooibos) – Caramel, mmm!

Teaopia Mudslide (rooibos) – Banana and chocolate, need I say more?!? 🙂

I have a bunch of nice tins from these teas that I will definitely keep and re-purpose.

Will I buy any of these again?

  • I already have more of the Caramel & Rum, it’s just sooooo yummy!
  • I’d like to get more of the Mudslide, but Teaopia was bought out by Teavana and it’s not listed on their site.
  • I might get more Kiwi’s Big Adventure next summer since I prefer fruity flavours in the summertime.

Have you tried any of these teas? Do you have one that you recommend I try?

– Chantal 🙂

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