Favourite Products of 2014

Hey everyone!

I never do monthly favourites posts because I don’t try/use that many different products every month, so I thought I’d do one big round-up of my favourite products from 2014… if I can remember them all! And since we’re already in February I figure I should get this done, lol!

Let’s see what they are, in alphabetical order… 😉

Arbonne FC5 Face Care
In mid November a friend lent me a kit to try the Arbonne FC5 face products and after only two days of using them I noticed a huge improvement in my face’s texture and appearance. I immediately ordered some and haven’t looked back!

bare organics lip balm
I received this lip balm in my second MommiesFirst box that I received in May 2014. It’s the best lip balm I’ve ever used, I LOVE IT!!! I have not ordered more yet because I have a few lip balms to go through already, but once I run out I will definitely order more of these.

benefit Stay Don’t Stray
This item did not come out in 2014, but I used it for the first time last year and it’s the best eye primer I’ve tried yet! I used it daily (when I wore make-up) and it made my concealer and eye shadow last waaay longer than if I didn’t have it on.

essence cookies & cream baked blush in “cakepop, that’s top!”
I never wore blush before and this one made me fall in love with them! This colour works really well with my skin tone and the texture is nice and creamy.

ice watch ice-forever pink
Ok so this is not a beauty product, but it’s a fashion accessory and beauty and fashion kinda go hand in hand, right? 🙂 Last summer I really wanted a light turquoise silicone watch, but by the time I started looking (end of July I think) they were sold out everywhere. During my search I discovered the brand ice watch and immediately fell in love with their watches. After a few days of seeing it, I couldn’t get this pink silicone watch out of my head so I decided to buy it. I absolutely LOVE IT!

Nail Polish – Top 6
In December I was a guest on Courtney’s blog, La Belle Sirène, and I shared my top 5 nail polishes of 2014. I have to add another one to the list because I tried it after I did my post. It’s Sinful Colors “Sugar Sugar”.

NYX Butter Gloss in Crème Brûlée
I love glosses and this one was just perfect! The colour works great with my skin tone and the formula felt creamy and moisturising, and it lasted well too.

Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette in Floral Values
I got this palette when Wet n Wild was the Canadian Beauty Bloggers‘ featured brand in October. I have not done a review on this palette, but I should. I used it to do my eyes when I went to a friend’s wedding at the end of October and I loved the result! I was short on time so I did not get to take any pictures though. 🙁 But, I had my makeup on for 10 hours and I did not even have a hint of creasing by the time I removed it, which is a huge plus for me cause I have oily lids (I also had benefit Stay Don’t Stray underneath). Beautiful colours plus great wear = win win!

These are not beauty products, but doing full face makeup looks was a new thing for me in 2014. I didn’t do that many, but there are 2 that stand out more than the others, so here are my 2 favourite FOTD from 2014.

Funny thing is that these 2 looks were out of my comfort zone and a bit of a challenge for me, but I LOVED them!

I think that’s it! I have the worse memory ever (mommy brain – it’s real!), but thinking about all the major beauty products (eyes, lips, cheeks…) I think I got them all.

What were some of your favourite items in 2014?

– Chantal 🙂

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