Monthly Empties: May 2015

Hello hello!

Are we in June already?!? Where does the time go, seriously???

With that said, let’s take a look at the products I finished during the month of May.

monthly empties may 2015

Green light - loved it = Loved it!
Orange light - it's okay = It’s okay.
Red light - dislike = Dislike!
No rating = No rating.
(Links are to my past reviews.)


monthly empties may 2015 body

Dove – Go Fresh Cool Essentials Anti-Perspirant in Cucumber & Green Tea Green light - loved it
REPEAT ITEM! This is my favourite anti-perspirant and the only one I buy. This is the mini version that I bought last year to bring to the hospital with me when I went to give birth, and never used at the time, hehe!

Paula’s Choice – Clinical KP Treatment Cloths No rating
I got these in my Winter 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box. The reason I gave it a “no rating” is because I didn’t get to use them enough to get a good idea of the product. Every time I’d start using them, I’d use them once then forget about them. But, I bought the full pack (60 sheets) so I could give them a good try. I use them on my chest and upper back cause I got lots of acne there. 🙁 Do they work? You’ll find out in my empties in a few months! 🙂


I did not realize all my face products were from Arbonne until I was taking these pictures! Will we see them again? Let’s check…

monthly empties may 2015 face

Arbonne – FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub Green light - loved it
I really liked this scrub, but I’ve started using a chemical exfoliant instaed (BHA – salicylic acid) which I find less harsh on the face. I still have one more to finish (that is almost done) and that will be it for this scrub.

Arbonne – FC5 Hydrating Eye Crème Green light - loved it
This eye cream worked well, but I found I had to apply it twice. I would put it on, then put my face cream, then add another thin layer of this cream otherwise my eyes felt tight. My eyes felt great after that though. However, I did not repurchase it because I’m trying something else.

Arbonne – RE9 Night Repair Cream Green light - loved it
I got this one because I could get a free product and this one was a bit pricy, so I got it for free. I did not expect it to be this small, yikes! I don’t feel like I should be using this kind of product yet though, I feel like if I use these now, what will I use once I’m in my 50s+? Know what I mean? That being said, it worked well – my face felt well moisturised with it.

Arbonne – FC5 Nurturing Day Lotion with SPF 20 (normal/dry skin) Green light - loved it
I have combo skin, but it’s also dehydrated so a lot of products for combo/oily skin are too drying for me, especially in the winter. That’s why I got this one for normal/dry skin (for the winter). It worked well and was not too heavy for my combo skin. I bought the one for combo/oily skin for the summer though.

Arbonne – FC5 Purifying Cleanser + Toner Green light - loved it
This cleanser works well and does not leave my skin feeling tight.


monthly empties may 2015 hair

dippity-do – Girls With Curls Shampoo & Conditioner Orange light - it's okay
I won these in a giveaway last summer. Since they’re meant for curly hair, I was saving them for when I went back to work because while on maternity leave I had my hair tied up all the time. I did start to use them a bit before that though, but it’s ok cause it really didn’t do anything for my wavy/curly hair. They smelled ok, a bit of candy sweetness with that typical drugstore product smell (know what I mean?).

John Frieda – Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo & Conditioner Orange light - it's okay
I got these in my Spring 2015 Sample Source. These were ok, but nothing special. They did make my hair feel very soft, but at the same time my waves/curls seemed a bit limp.

Product Clean-Up: Serums

I had stopped using serums in my skin care routine because for a while the Arbonne products made my face feel wonderful. But that feeling did not last, unfortunately, so I started using a serum again. After seeing Sarah’s post on her serum blind tests I went out and bought the Marcelle serum, so I decided to clean out the ones I had at home.

monthly empties may 2015 serums

Biotherm – Source Thérapie Skin Perfecting Catalyzing Serum Green light - loved it
This serum smelled wonderful! It smelled like salt water. I grew up on the shore in New Brunswick and I LOVE the smell of salt water so it reminded me of home every time I used it. It also made my face feel good. But it’s been sitting there for a while now so it’s probably best that I throw it out.

Etude House – Collagen Moistfull First Essence Orange light - it's okay
OMG an Etude House product I did not love! (If you know me you know I LOVE Etude House.) This is an essence, but I figured it was kind of like a serum so I added it here. I’m not sure how this one is supposed to work and did not notice any difference when using it, so to the trash it goes.

Réelle – Serum Green light - loved it
This serum worked well and helped add extra moisture to my face… so why am I throwing it out? I just have too many products (I actually kept a few serums that were just a bit better than this one).

Royal Gold – Radiant Serum Green light - loved it
I’m really sad to be throwing this one out because it just feels so luxurious to use (since it has gold flecks in it). It worked well too, but it’s been opened for over a year, and hasn’t been used it almost a year, so it’s just time that it goes. 🙁

That’s it, all the products I finished in May (plus a little clean up). Have you tried any of these products?

– Chantal 🙂

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