Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Victoria – Swatches and Review

Dark vampy red polishes, they catch my eye every single time and I want them ALL! So when my eyes settled on this bottle of Victoria by Nails Inc. in the Helmer that my sister-in-law gave me, I just had to try it! Let’s take a look at it…

Nails Inc Nail Polish Victoria

The brush is slightly wider on one side, but not by much. It’s not wide enough for my liking; I prefer WIDE brushes (think essence or Sally Hansen). It still did a good job, but it’s just not my favourite.

Nails Inc Nail Polish Victoria

The formula was not my favourite either. I could tell by looking at the bottle that this nail polish would have a sheerness to it, and that’s ok – as long as the formula is good. However, I had to use three coats to get a decent coverage, and even then you can still see streaks and patches on my nails (which you can see in these pictures). I then finished it off with a top coat.

Nails Inc Nail Polish Victoria

Victoria is described as a deep cherry and I agree. It really is gorgeous – if only the formula was better.

Nails Inc Nail Polish Victoria

The formula may have been crappy for application, but the three coats, plus base coat and top coat, made the polish last 5 full days before getting my first chip, which is amazing in my books.

This is the first nail polish I try from Nails Inc. and it wasn’t the best experience, but I won’t write off the brand because of this. Because (1) different collections, and even different colours within the same collection, can behave differently, and (2) I’ve noticed that dark vampy reds with a jelly finish tend to have streaky formulas.

What colours have you tried from Nails Inc.?

– Chantal 🙂

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Nails Inc Nail Polish Victoria

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