Makeup Brush Cleansing Pads from Dollarama

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t wash my makeup brushes as often as I should. I find it tedious and boring and just procrastinate way too much. I don’t have any kind of brush cleaning tool so I use water & soap (obviously), and my hand. I always wondered if I’d wash my brushes more often if I had some kind of tool to help with the task.

While browsing the makeup & accessories section at Dollarama a little while back I spotted these brush cleansing pads and just HAD to buy one! They had two different styles and I couldn’t decide which one I preferred so at that price ($1.50 CAD) I picked up both. Let’s check them out…

Dollarama Lori Makeup Brush Cleansing Pads

They had a few different colours available, but I bought both of them in this pink colour. They have a handle in the back that you can hold between your fingers.

Dollarama Lori Makeup Brush Cleansing Pads

While these are slightly different from the front, the major difference is in how you hold them: one is upright and the other is sideways (because the handle is rectangle-shaped so it holds better this way).

Dollarama Lori Makeup Brush Cleansing Pads

Dollarama Lori Makeup Brush Cleansing Pads

I don’t have any other brush cleaning tool so I can’t compare these with others, but they worked really well! Some brushes I cleaned twice because I felt like they were still dirty after the first wash, but the suds were fully white on the second wash so one cleaning was good enough.

After trying both pads with their different pattern orientations, my favourite one is the circle with the top/bottom pattern split (as opposed to the side by side in the rectangular one).

With my big brushes I swirl them around the entire surface, and the small ones I find better to just swipe them along the zigzag part.

Dollarama Lori Makeup Brush Cleansing Pads

I have to say that using these pads really made cleaning my brushes more fun. Add a glass of wine and you have a party going on! 😛 Ok so it’s not THAT fun, but it was better than using my hand.

I know many people use a new month as a cue to wash their makeup brushes… I’m going to try to be one of those people going forward. This is also a reminder for you to wash your makeup brushes too! 😉

How often do you wash your makeup brushes, and what do you use?

– Chantal 🙂

Dollarama Lori Makeup Brush Cleansing Pads

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