Failed Nail Art with Born Pretty Soak Off Gel Nail Polish

Things don’t always go as planned when doing nail art and today’s post is a prime example. I debated posting this at all, but I can’t hide when something doesn’t work out, and this will also be a review of the products I used. (FYI, I bought these products.)

I didn’t want to just do a plain grey manicure, but since I was working with gel nail polish and I’m not too versed in the nail art side of gels (they don’t behave like regular nail polish), I attempted something that sounded simple and looked good in my head… just not so much once I actually did it.

born pretty soak off gel nail polish bp-g09 sober

I first started with a layer of base coat, then applied two layers of Sober. I then took a brush that I chopped off some brisles to give it a jagged edge and dipped it in a white gel nail polish (the one I bought in a set with the black gel) and brushed the tips of each nail. I then finished it off with a layer of top coat.

End result: I don’t like them. I mean, they’re not horrible, but they’re just not what I wanted. I think I just went in too many times with the white and it was more block-ish than I envisioned. Oh well.

born pretty soak off gel nail polish bp-g09 sober

I had issues with the top coat. There were A LOT of air bubbles in it and I had to pass the brush over my nails MANY times to remove them all.

I usually take pictures of my nails right after I finish my manicure, but in this case, I took them the next day. My nails did look smooth right after doing them, but once I woke up the next morning they were all bumpy (look at my thumb). And by the time I took my pictures, I already had a chip on my middle finger. *sigh*

born pretty soak off gel nail polish bp-g09 sober

I did my nails on Saturday night. When I got home from work on Monday afternoon, my left hand slipped when I closed my car door and I chipped my index finger. FML. So I removed my manicure on Monday night. I was able to just peel the nail polish right off (which I shared in my IG stories). That was definitely the easiest and mess-free removal I’ve ever done! But, I thought these were soak-off gel polishes, not peel-off…?

By the time I removed my manicure I also had many chips on multiple fingers. The whole point of using gels was because they’re supposed to last longer than regular nail polishes. But these ones did not. This manicure actually lasted a shorter amount of time than when I use regular nail polish!

I used this base and top coat before with the Born Pretty Soak Off Gel Nail Polish in Black and things laster longer that time. So I don’t know what happened this time. But one thing’s for sure, I’m not interested in using these again.

born pretty soak off gel nail polish bp-g09 sober

I’ve tried many good products from Born Pretty, but these ones just didn’t cut it for me. Well, the colour would probably do well with other base/top coats so I’ll use it again with other brands’ products, just not these base/top coats.

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What duds have you tried lately?

– Chantal 🙂

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