Easter Nail Art with Candy Coal Gel Nail Polish

It’s time for some Easter nail art featuring my new favourite brand of gel nail polish: Candy Coat! I wanted something cute and simple, and when I found a pin about this nail art by @nailsbyjema I just HAD to do that bunny! I also tried acrylic paint for the first time and I’m sharing my experience in this post.

Easter nail art with Candy Coat gel nail polish in purple 526 and flakies 1063

Here are the products I used:

  • Candy Coat base & top coats
  • Candy Coat gel nail polish in 526 (purple) and 1063 (flakies) from my February subscription box
  • Acrylic paint (from Michaels)
  • Various small paint brushes that’s I’ve had for quite a while

Easter nail art products

If I have to choose only one colour for Easter, to me, it’s purple. So that’s why I chose it as my base colour. I first applied the base coat then I applied two coats of 526 on all fingers. On my thumb and ring finger I added one coat of 1063. I thought the flakies would be more densily packed, but I could have just added more coats too.

For the rabbit, I did it all with acrylic paint. I think that the colours you see are quite self-explanatory. 😉 I used white for the rabbit, pink for the inner ears, black for the eyes, and two shades of teal for the bow. I waited a couple of minutes for everything to dry then added the top coat on all nails. And voilà, nails done!

(Note: I cured each layer in my LED/UV lamp for 60 seconds.)

Easter nail art with Candy Coat gel nail polish in purple 526 and flakies 1063

I do have a lesson learned to share with you. I did my nails on Friday night, and on Sunday morning while I was doing my hair (after a shower) the top coat chipped off the tip of my rabbit finger, just a little bit. I was a bit bummed, but not surprised. Since the tip was covered in acrylic paint, and a lot of it (I went thick with the white), the top coat didn’t really have a good gel surface to bond to. Thinking back, I should have done the rabbit with a white gel nail polish instead of acrylic paint. In the future, when I have a big surface to cover I will use a gel – if I have the colour I need.

This chip will be easy to fix and I’ll be able to keep my bunny until Easter rolls around.

Easter nail art with Candy Coat gel nail polish in purple 526 and flakies 1063

I’m really happy with the end result and still in love with the quality of the Candy Coat gel nail polishes.

Did you do some Easter nail art?

– Chantal 🙂

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