Rhinestone Unicorn Nail Art with Gel Nail Polish

My daughter’s birthday party was a few weeks ago and it had a unicorn theme. Since I love any reason to do nail art I decided to join in on the theme with my nails. But this nail art did not come easily…

rhinestone unicorn nail art

While I love the end result, I’m not satisfied with some of the products I used to achieve this nail art. These are all the products:

rhinestone unicorn nail art supplies

  • Candy Coat gel base coat
  • Born Pretty gel nail polish in white x2 coats
  • Candy Coat gel nail polish in 767 (pink glitter) x2 coats
  • Candy Coat gel top coat
  • Sally Hansen clear polish
  • Rhinestones (from ebay) and studs (pr sample from Born Pretty)

Note: these are gel nail polishes so I cured them after every coat. I just don’t mention it every single time.

Disappointment #1: After applying the base coat I applied two THIN coats of the white Born Pretty polish. I’ve had issues in the past with this gel polish because I applied it to too thick and it bubbled, so this time I went really thin. Even with thin coats it still bubbled (I can see little lumps on my nails). So this nail polish is going straight to the trash!

Disappointment #2: On top of the white polish I applied two coats of the Candy Coat pink glitter (on all nails except for my unicorn/ring finger). This polish was WAY sheerer than I thought it would be. Looking at the cap of the bottle it looks like it would be a decent amount of pinkiness, but nope. It’s so sheer that the pink is almost not visible. I had to dab it onto my nail to make the pink somewhat visible, and even then it’s barely visible. I was expecting a pink glitter bomb and this was the total opposite. Womp womp.

I then finished all the pink glitter nails with a layer of top coat.

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For the unicorn, I initially tried to freehand it using acrylic paints. My freehand skills are not the best and things were just not working out. I spent at least an hour, if not more, trying to draw the fricken thing! At that point, I was just about to give up on the manicure altogether, but I decided to go look into my nail art supplies to see if there was anything there that I could use. First, I found the rose gold studs, and the elongated triangle was perfect for the horn. Yes! Then I found the teardrop rhinestones and noticed that they would be perfect for the ear. Woo! THEN, I found the batch of round rhinestones and those would be perfect for the flower crown and eyes. WHOOHO! Ok, there was hope after all.

rhinestone unicorn nail art rhinestones

So I applied another thin layer of white polish on my ring finger because it was starting to look yucky after all my failed acrylic paint attempts, then I applied the top coat and tried to position the rhinestones while it was wet so that they would set in place once I cured the top coat. Well, gel nail polish is slippery, not sticky, when wet. And I don’t have nail glue. What to do, oh, what to do…? Use regular nail polish! I added a layer of clear regular nail polish and that worked to help the rhinestones stick to my nail. Phew! I then waited for that to dry and added another layer of gel top coat to set everything in place.

AND I’M FINALLY DONE! I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time trying to do some fricken nail art.

rhinestone unicorn nail art

When all is said and done, I was happy with how they turned out. They did end up matching my unicorn Sweetlegs pretty well, which I did not plan, so that was a bonus (I shared this pic in my IG stories).

rhinestone unicorn nail art leggings

My daughter was in LOVE with my nails and wanted me to do a rhinestone unicorn on ALL her nails, lol! Now that I know how to make them I can recreate them no problem, but she’s only five and her nails are too small… for now.

Do you have a nail art horror story to share with me? lol!

– Chantal 🙂

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