Oui Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum – A Review

The perfumes we wear are as much an expression of our personnalities as our clothes, hair, and makeup. Do you go more for floral scents, sweet, fruity, musky? Whatever your preference, there is surely no shortage of fragrances to captivate your nostrils. Today we’ll be looking at a newer kid on the blog: Oui Juicy Couture (100ml/$119 CAD).

Juicy Couture Oui Eau de Parfum spray

In the world of Juicy Couture designer fragrances, making a statement is all about saying Oui (Yes!) to the things you believe in: to love, to adventure and to your own edgy spirit.

Top notes: Watermelon, Acai Tea Natureprint, Pear Infusion
Middle notes: Jasmine Absolute, Wild Tuberose, Dewy Honeysuckle Natureprint
Base notes: Techno Woods, Amber Resins, Captive Musks

When I smell Oui after spritzing it in the air, I find that it feels citrusy and tart for some reason. But that only lasts for a split second. Once on my skin I don’t smell that at all. I get this sweet fruitiness that feels very summery. There’s also a small hint of sultriness to it with the base notes that it has, but it’s very faint. This EDP is definitely fruity at heart.

Juicy Couture Oui Eau de Parfum spray

Perfume bottles are works of art, and the Juicy Couture products are no exceptions. While most of their bottles are adorned with a beautiful bow, Oui Juicy Couture doesn’t have one. It is still girly with its pink and red blocks, gold accents, and crystal cap. From the top you can also see a beautiful flower.

Juicy Couture Oui Eau de Parfum spray

I don’t wear perfume on the daily because I work in a scent-free environment, but I’ve been really enjoying wearing Oui in the evenings and will definitely spritz it on for future events.

What perfume have you been wearing lately?

– Chantal 🙂

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