Monthly Purchases: August 2019

I thought I’d start a new roundup series of all the products I purchased during the month. I don’t review everything I buy so this is a good way to share my thoughts on some products that would otherwise not appear on the blog. Let’s take a look at what I bought in August.


amazon purchases

Olivia Garden – Mega Big Round Brush – I used to have a big round brush like this (from another brand) and it broke in July. So I was on the hunt for a new one and came across this one on Amazon. It’s been working great so far; I’m really happy with it.

Schick – Silk Touch Up Razors – I went on Amazon with the plan to buy the oh so popular Tinkle razors (which I’ve used before as well), but these Schick ones were a bit less expensive so I decided to give them a try. And wow am I ever glad that I did, they work amazingly! Even better than the Tinkle razors I’ve used before! My face has never been so smooth!! Yes, I shave my face. 😉 Dermaplaning is the best term to describe it.


shoppers purchases

NYX – Mineral Finishing Powder (Transluscent) – I went to the store looking to buy the NYC powder that I finished in July and completely had a brain fart on the brand. I mean NYC and NYX are quite similar, right? 😛 And the funny thing is, when I was looking at the NYX display I thought “oh they must be out of the powder cause I can’t find it”. LOL! I bought this one because I needed a new powder stat. I quite like it, it makes everything feel SO SOFT! Even the counter, lol! But I find that it gives a bit of a white cast to my face. They have a tinted version so it’s something I’ll consider for later.

Marcelle – Micellar Water (Waterproof) – I always buy the Marcelle Micellar Water because it works well and I love the pump cap. However, I didn’t pay enough attention when I bought this one because (1) it doesn’t have a pump cap, and (2) it’s the waterproof version with argan oil. You can even see the oil floating at the top of the water. The argain oil also makes it smell very perfumy. I guess I never really realized what argain oil smelled like until now. I’m really not a fan of this one. The bottle that I really wanted has a darker blue label; this one is lighter.


walmart purchases

Hard Candy – Sheer Envy Blurring Loose Powder – I decided to grab this powder since it’s tinted and less expensive than the NYX powder mentioned above (I bought this one after the NYX powder). I apply it with a big fluffy brush and it mattifies my face without making it look cakey or overdone. The colour is perfect and matches the rest of my body. It’s been working well; I have nothing bad to say about it.

Hard Candy – Sheer Envy Mattifying Primer – I was looking for a primer that would help tone down my oiliness and decided to give this one a try. I find it works the same as the Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Smooth Primer that I already have. So either the Maybelline primer is good at controlling oiliness, or this Hard Candy one isn’t that good. Either way, it’s better than not using a primer at all, and my face has been reacting well to it (no breakouts).

Herbal Essence – Bio:Renew White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint Dry Shampoo – After finishing my Baptiste volumizing dry shampoo I wanted to try a new one so I grabbed this one. It smells great, but I’m not a fan of how it works. It first sprays out wet and I have to dry it off with my hairdryer. Having just re-straightened my hair (this is usually day 2 or 3 hair) I DON’T want anything wet on it to possibly get my roots all wavy again. Not sure I’ll finish this bottle. To note: once dry it is white so you have to massage it in your hair to get rid of the whiteness.

sooae face masks

Soo’AE – Face Masks – When I saw on the Soo’Ae IG account that they had a new mask (a few actually), I had to look for it at my next visit to Walmart. But I couldn’t resist grabbing the Panda Eye Brightening Mask and the Sweet Pink Bubble Mask too! You’ll see reviews for all of these in the coming months.


I was at Toys’R’Us with my daughter buying a gift for her friend when I saw these masks. I couldn’t resist and I bought these four. Tee-hee! They had more, but I had to limit myself, lol! You will see these on the blog eventually. These are from Fashion Angels.

fashion angels sheet masks


My husband and I love to go shopping at l’Aubainerie in Gatineau. We go about twice a year, usually during our vacations. We went in August and I bought a few pieces, below. I also bought some underwear and bras, but I ain’t sharing those. 😉

Skirt, sweater dress, graphic tee
clothes from l'Aubainerie

Sweater, cardigan, tank & pants
clothes from l'Aubainerie

Note: the cacti tee I wore to go shopping was also from l’Aubainerie, it was purchased in the summer of 2018. 😀


I also went shopping at the Trainyards and bought a few more items. I was chilly so I got a cardigan at Old Navy – it’s SO soft! Then I got some Skechers at DSW – these are SO comfy!

clothes shopping old navy dsw skechers

And there you have it, all the products and clothes I bought in August. Have you tried any of them?

– Chantal 🙂

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