Valentine’s Day Nail Art with China Glaze

I finally did some nail art, woohoo! I wanted to play around with the China Glaze Sesame Street nail polishes and came up with this look for Valentine’s Day.

valentines day nail art china glaze sesame street

Here are all the products and tools that I used for this nail art:

valentines day nail art china glaze sesame street products used

After applying OPI Nail Envy as base coat on all nails, I added three coats of Since 1969 (gunmetal) and three coats of snow alert! on nails. For Gift Fur You on my pinky, it’s not a glitter bomb so I first put it on a makeup sponge so that the sponge would absorb the clear base and only place the glitters on my nail, then I dabbed it on my nail. I did this twice. This technique turns a sparse glitter nail polish into a glitter bomb! I then sealed all nails with a layer of essie top coat. I added a second layer of essie top coat on my pinky because the glitter made it a bit uneven.

I waited 15-20 minutes for the topcoat to be dry enough to not lift with the masking tape. I punched a heart-shaped hole in the masking tape and placed it on my ring finger. Then I put more Gift Fur You on a sponge and dabbed it over the heartn hole, then removed the tape. And I sealed it in with another layer of essie topcoat. The next morning after waking up I sealed all my nails with a layer of Candy Coat gel top coat. And voilĂ !

valentine's day nail art china glaze sesame street

I’m really happy with how they turned out. That heart-shaped hole punch is an easy way to do nail art without having to draw anything.

My daughter loved my nails and wanted me to do hers too, so I did! She chose what colour went where, and I added a glittery tip on her thumbs.

valentine's day nail art china glaze sesame street kid

Did you do any nail art for Valentine’s Day?

– Chantal 🙂

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