Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Lucky Dress – Swatches and Review

Every time I go to Shoppers Drug Mart I awlays go down the nail polish isle just to browse at all the pretty colours. And as much as there are lots of colours that I’d love to buy, I only buy the ones that I can’t get it out of my head, which was the case with today’s nail polish from Sally Hansen. I absolutely loved the deepness of Lucky Dress and after oogling over the bottle during a few different visits I finally bought it last week.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Lucky Dress

The brush on these bottles is flat and quite wide, which I love. But I wish it was a bit tapered on the sides because my fingers/nails are quite skinny and the brush is too wide to do a clean pass close to my cuticles (I clean them up afterwards). But I’ll take a wide flat brush over a skinny round one (*cough*essie*cough*) any day.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Lucky Dress

Lucky Dress is from the Berry Chic Collection, which came out for Holiday 2017, and it is still available in stores. It’s a deep grape colour that is so dark it looks black. But you can tell that there’s something about this blackness, right? That it’s not a full out black colour.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Lucky Dress

Even in direct sunlight it appears black. Still, LOVE!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Lucky Dress

The formula was great to work with being fully opaque in two coats. I’m very picky when doing my nails with a dark colour and if I hold my hand up to a light and see patches through my nail polish I’ll add another coat. Even if you can’t see the patches by looking at my nails, I’ll still appy another coat. Which I did with this one. So these pictures are with three coats of nail polish followed by a layer of topcoat.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Lucky Dress

I seriously love love LOVE this colour! I’m so happy that I picked it up!

What do you think?

– Chantal 🙂

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