Dollarama Silicone Sponge to Apply Face Masks

I love face masks and although I’ve been doing mostly sheet masks lately I still enjoy mud masks (and other types). I usually apply them using a mask brush. However, I remember seeing Madeline (of Classically Contemporary) mention in her IG stories (I think it was there) that she uses a silicone sponge/pad to apply her face masks. That was a while ago, but I never forgot about it. Every time I went to Dollorama I always looked at their beauty isle to see if they had the silicone sponges (not every store seems to have them, or in stock), and I finally found one a few weeks ago! Did it work for applying my face masks? Let’s find out…

Dollarama Lori Silicone Blending Pad Sponge

Ok so it’s not a sponge because it doesn’t absorb anything, but I prefer calling it a sponge over a pad. 😛

It comes in a little container that is very handy for storing it. That way it won’t get squished by your products.

Dollarama Lori Silicone Blending Pad Sponge

It has a funny texture/feeling; it’s like it’s wrapped in a plastic cover and it gets all wrinkly when you squish it. It’s the first silicone sponge I have so I don’t know if they’re all made like this.

Dollarama Lori Silicone Blending Pad Sponge

Here comes the moment of truth… how effective was it to apply my mud mask?

Dollarama Lori Silicone Blending Pad Sponge

Dollarama Lori Silicone Blending Pad Sponge

It worked like a charm! There’s very little waste since there are no bristles for the product to get stuck in between (like a brush). It helps apply the product very well all over the face. And cleaning it is a breeze, especially compared to a brush.

If you usually use your hands/fingers to apply your masks you know how messy that can get. With this sponge there’s no mess at all!

I’m sold! And at $2.00 (CAD) a pop you really can’t go wrong. They also come in an array of colours. The one I chose is clear with a very faint pink tint, and it has gold glitters in it.

How do you apply your face masks?

– Chantal 🙂

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