Suncoatgirl Non-Toxic Nail Polish – A Review

When I received my Suncoat nail polish to try, I also received some Suncoatgirl products for my daughter. To say that my daughter was excited about this is an understatement. She loves it when I do her nails, and to have received a product for HER, well, she was over the moon! Today we’ll be taking a look at a few colours (CAD 10.49 each) and the Colour Creation Kit (CAD 26.99).

Suncoatgirl non toxic nail polish

Suncoatgirl natural nail polish is water-based, odourless, 100% VOC free (chemical solvent free) and peels off when ready. No remover is needed.

While the Suncoat nail polishes are already non-toxic, these Suncoatgirl products take it a step further with even fewer ingredients!

Water solv, Acrylic Copolymers
May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide sunsc, Carmine col 0 0, Iron Oxides col 0 0, Ferric Ferrocyanide col, Chromium Oxide Green col, Ultramarine Blue col 0 0, Polyethylene Terephthalate (Glitters)

Hover the mouse / tap over an ingredient for short explanation. Read more on INCIDecoder.

(The Suncoat site lists polyurethane as a third ingredient, and the Colour Creation Kit has it as polyurethane polymer, but the bottles don’t have it listed on them. I’m not sure which one is accurate, but I always go by the product label. So in this case I went with what the bottles say.)

Suncoatgirl non toxic nail polish

We received the colours Purpose of the Day (purple creme), Under the Sea (aqua creme), and Mermaid Blue (shimmer). Since my daughter loves an array of colours on her nails we used them all in one mani! She was so happy to post for pictures just like mommy. I don’t use acetone on my daughter (that’s all I have as nail polish remover) so ignore the dirty skin & cuticles. 🙂

Suncoatgirl non toxic nail polish

You don’t need to use a base or topcoat with these. Just use two to three thin layers of nail polish and you’re done! They dry fast enough and that’s a good thing when doing kids’ nails since they can’t sit still for very long.

The Colour Creation Kit was very fun to use; my daughter had a great time creating her custom colours – and I did too! The kit comes with five colours (yellow, red, blue, white, black) and five empty bottles with mixing beads.

Suncoatgirl Nail Polish Colour Creation Kit

Suncoatgirl Nail Polish Colour Creation Kit

My daughtet kept putting all the colours in her bottles so her results ended up being pretty much the same colour, lol!

I made the first two colours, the next two are hers (notice the similarity?), and the last one is mine.

Suncoatgirl Nail Polish Colour Creation Kit

She wanted my pink on her fingers and my purple on her toes.

Suncoatgirl Nail Polish Colour Creation Kit

The quality of the Suncoatgirl nail polishes is very similar to the Suncoat nail polish that I tried; they chip rather quickly and within a couple of hours she already had a few chip on her hands (with both the regular colours and the ones we made with the Colour Creation Kit). That being said, manicures never last long on a five year old and she would usually have chips by the end of the day anyway. So whether it takes two hours or five hours for chips to happen, they will happen so I’m not bothered by it. And, since these are peel-off, no need to worry about using nail polish remover. My daughter just scratches them off.

If your kid loves nail polish and you’re not a fan of using regular nail polish on them then Suncoatgirl is definitely a brand you need to try!

– Chantal 🙂

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