Suzy Shier Nail Polish in 13037 – Swatches and Review

Did you know that Suzy Shier used to sell nail polish? They did a few years ago and it’s too bad that they don’t anymore because the few that I’ve tried have been good, great even, and this one that I’m showing you today is no exception. Let’s take a look at 13037 (they only have numbers under the bottles; no names).

Suzy Shier nail polish in 13037

13037 is a beautiful bright aqua blue with a silver shimmer in it. It was fully opaque with two coats, and I finished it off with a topcoat.

Suzy Shier nail polish in 13037

This next photo is with a gel topcoat, and in natural sunlight.

Suzy Shier nail polish in 13037

I did this manicure at the end of July and it was giving me serious pool/swimming vibes. It was perfect!

Suzy Shier nail polish in 13037

It’s really too bad that Suzy Shier doesn’t sell nail polish anymore because I would definitely buy more.

Did you buy any when they were selling them?

– Chantal 🙂

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