Laser Hair Removal at The Ten Spot

I first had laser hair removal done on my underarms and bikini line around 15 years ago (at a different location). I could still use a few touch-ups on those areas, but the amount of hairs growing has dropped significantly. I’ve always wanted to get my legs done as well, but for some reason, I just never got around to do it. This year I finally started the journey to be hair-free on my legs with The Ten Spot.

laser hair removal at the ten spot
Lying down for my treatment, wearing eye protection.

I hate shaving my legs, hate it, HATE IT WITH A PASSION! Get my drift? 😉 For the longest time, I was getting my legs waxed regularly. I started way back in 1995. Yep, it’s been that long since I’ve been getting my legs waxed! I would shave my legs maybe once every two years, but otherwise, it was always wax wax wax.

Around comes summer 2018 and I procrastinated too much on making an appointment to get my legs waxed, and I didn’t want to show the Sasquatch in public 😛 so I shaved my legs. BIG mistake! Since I was already wearing skirts and shorts, I didn’t want to let my leg hairs grow for 2-3 weeks to be long enough to have them waxed (they’re thick and black). So I shaved my lower legs. My lower leg hairs grow so fast that by dinner time they were already prickly, so I shaved daily. I hated it so bad. That’s when I decided to finally get my legs done.

In January 2019 (took me a while to book) I had my first laser hair removal session at The Ten Spot (Ottawa Glebe location, paid by me). I procrastinated a bit on booking again, so my second appointment, still with The Ten Spot, was in May (Ottawa Westboro location, it was free because they were training someone). They also did the brazilly at that time.

Then summer was here so I paused my treatments because I go in the sun a lot (I’ll touch on that a bit later). Come November and I had the opportunity to receive a complimentary service from The Ten Spot. I would have liked to get my lower legs done again, but since about two months ago my lower leg hairs have been growing so slowly (I barely need to shave right now) so I chose to get my upper legs done instead (back at the Glebe location).


The first appointment on my lower legs was the one where I felt it the most; it felt like someone was snapping a rubber band on my legs. It wasn’t pleasant, but it was tolerable. The second appointment (lower legs and brazilly) I felt it even less on my lower legs, and the brazilly was like the rubber band feeling – unpleasant but tolerable. The session on my upper legs I didn’t feel at all.

Their laser has a cooling tip, which is really cold, so it helps cool your skin as it’s zapping you.

They also have a numbing cream that you can purchase in case you need the extra help.


Taken from their laser FAQ:

our amazing af machine sets itself. yep, that’s right – our patented skintel technology measures the melanin content of your skin + automatically sends that info back to our diode laser, so your service is tailored to your unique hair colour + skin type. we’ll take a new reading of every area of your body to ensure the safest, most effective treatment for ya!

the ten spot laser machine

They use the little divice (circled above) to do three readings on your body part. That will determine your melanin index. Then they set the rest of the settings based on your hair type (colour, diameter, & density), which you can see below.

the ten spot laser machine settings

From there, the machine knows how to set the laser to target your hairs.

When I got laser hair removal done those fifteen or so years ago, at that time the technology only worked on light skin and dark hairs. You couldn’t even have a tan because you could risk having the laser lighten your skin.

The technology has greatly improved since then and today’s lasers work on all skin colours! The Ten Spot still recommends to stop excessive UV exposure four weeks prior to your appointment (read their pre-laser tips), hence why I didn’t go during the summer. But, if you are lightly tanned the machine will pick it up when it analyzes your skin so you’ll be fine.


Before you leave they give you a little card that says what to expect, what to do, and what not to do. And of course they are there to answer any questions you may have.

How many sessions are required to be fully hair-free? The average is four to six. It can be a bit less or a bit more; everyone is different.

I will probably go for a few more session this winter and I’ll give you a hair growth update in the Spring 2020.

Have you gotten laser hair removal? What, where, and how did it go?

– Chantal 🙂

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