Nautical Nail Art with KADS Stamping Plate

My nail art idea last Friday was inspired by my swimsuit. It’s striped in navy blue and white so it gave me the idea of doing a nautical themed nail art. To add to that idea, it just so happens that there’s an anchor stamp on the new KADS stamping plate I bought for my mermaid nail art.

nautical nail art with KADS stamping plate

Here are all the products I used:

nautical nail art with KADS stamping plate

  • OPI – Natural Nail Base Coat
  • essence – sunset paradise (blue)
  • essence – wild white ways
  • essie – gel setter top coat
  • konad – white stamping polish

nautical nail art with KADS stamping plate

After applying the base coat I applied two coats of nail polish on all nails and sealed it in with top coat. Once that was dry I applied the striping tape to my nails. After that was done I covered the skin around the nails I was stamping with liquid nail tape then proceeded to stamp them with the white Konad stamping polish. I then waited a bit and sealed them all in with Bio Seaweed Gel No-Wipe Topcoat. And voilà, nails done!

nautical nail art with KADS stamping plate

I have to admit that these didn’t last very long and I actually removed them the following night. Within two minutes of going to bed one of the tapes on my index finger came off. And during the following day two more tapes on other fingers came off. Two things came into play for this: (1) I forgot to press the tape down again before applying the top coat over them; they would lift at the ends because of my rounded nails, and (2) I didn’t properly seal them in with top coat, I should have gone over the ends onto the nails with the top coat and I did not do that. So lesson learned and things to keep in mind for the next time I use stiping tape in nail art.

I really liked the nail art though and was bummed to remove it so quickly, but the tapes coming off were just bothering me too much.

Have you used stiping tape in nail art?

– Chantal 🙂

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