Monthly Empties: September 2019

How is it the last day of September already?! The days just seem to blend into one another lately. I didn’t finish that many products in September, but there were still some so let’s take a look.

monthly empties september 2019

Green light - loved it = Loved it!
Orange light - it's okay = It’s okay.
Red light - dislike = Dislike!
No rating = No rating.
(R) = Repeat item
* = PR sample
(Linked products are to my reviews.)

monthly empties september 2019

Cetaphil – Gentle Skin Cleanser Orange light - it's okay I bought this huge bottle at Costco and after only using it once I regretted that decision. I prefer to use a gentle, non-foaming cleanser in the morning because I don’t want to strip my face of all its moisture. This one was good for that, but it was almost not enough. I’ve tried other gel cleansers before and they seemed to perform better. I often had to double cleanse with this one, especially around my nose because I could still feel too much oiliness left behind. That being said, I made myself use it all because I hate throwing away a non-empty product. And boy am I ever happy that it’s finally DONE!

Dove – Cool Essentials Anti-Perspirant Green light - loved it I buy this in bulk at Costco and I think you know this by now. 😉

Nu Colour – Curl & Lash Mascara Green light - loved it This is the mascara that I’ve been using for the past two years. Not this specific one though, I repurchase it, lol! I have a hard time finding a mascara that won’t smudge or flake on me, and this one doesn’t do either! FULL DISCLOSURE: this company is an MLM and I have an account with them. I do not actively work the business anymore, but I can still sell their products. This truly is the mascara that I’ve been using for the past two years because it works for me.

Physicians Formula – The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm Green light - loved it I reviewed this product already and my thoughts have not changed: it’s great!

And that’s it, the four products I finished in September! Have you tried any of them?

– Chantal 🙂

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