Monthly Purchases: October 2019

Now that I’ve shared the products that I finished in October, it’s time to look at what I bought last month.


mac lipglass in cultured

Lipglass in Cultured – I had this Lipglass at the end of last year (finished in January) and have been wanting to repurchase it ever since. I finally did! You can tell I’ve been using it a lot because the logo is almost all gone already.



Moisture Kick Shampoo & Color Freeze Conditioner – When I went to get my hair done at the beginning of the month my hairstylist said that my hair was really dry (I could tell too; my ends looked and felt dry). There are two possibilities to this: (1) because of all the swimming and sun exposure I did to my hair over the summer, or (2) because the products that I’m using aren’t working for me. Or a combo of the two. She sells Schwarzkopf products and I was already planning on trying them out once I was done with my current hair products, so I decided to buy some while I was there. I haven’t tried them yet though. I know that the products I currently use are good and the lack of care over the summer is what caused my hair to get so dry. I will get to these products eventually because I really do want to try them. I have been using this conditioner on my daughter because it costs less than what I currently use (Bumble and bumble).


purchases walmart

Baptiste – Dry Shampoo Plus (XXL Volume) – I previously said that I wouldn’t buy this one again because of its strong floral scent, but I was not able to find another dry shampoo that works the same. If only shipping wasn’t so expensive for the COLAB one I’d get that one, but the shipping is almost as much as the product. No thank you! So I ended up buying this one again.

elf – Blending Sponge – I wanted a new makeup sponge to take with me to Toronto and they were out of the Real Techniques sponges so I grabbed this one instead. And I didn’t even use it, lol! But at least I have it for when I’ll need it next.

Live Clean – Coconut Milk Moisturizing Body Wash – I needed a new body wash and love the scent of coconut, and love Live Clean products, so I grabbed this one.


burts bees micellar cleansing towelettes

Burts Bees – Micellar Cleansing Towelettes – I didn’t bring my micellar water with me to Toronto because it’s a huge bottle, so I went to the Shoppers close to our hotel to buy something. That Shoppers was small, and I mean small. It really didn’t have much so I grabbed these wipes. I’m not a huge fan of wipes in general, but they’re easier to travel with.


dsw kelly and katie jessica simpson

Kelly & Katie – KK-Misha – I bought these nude pumps to go with a dress I was planning on wearing to a wedding, but I ended up returning the dress. I’ve been wanting nude shoes for a long time though so I kept these.

Jessica Simpson – JP-Laenie – While trying nude pumps I tried this model in the nude version, but it was too yellow for my skintone (I need a pinkish nude). I really liked the shoes though and they came in black so I went back to buy them!


suzy shier pants

I went shopping at Suzy Shier on my birthday (it’s in October) because with their Prestige loyalty program you get 30% off regular priced items for your birthday (during the week before and after, so you have two weeks to use your special discount). I tried a few things and these pants were the only thing that I really liked. I love the plum colour, and they’re really comfortable.


old navy glitter shoes

My sister-in-law shared these sparkly shoes on IG and I just HAD to have them! If you want to buy some, be aware that they are made BIG! I usually wear a size 9 and I had to get a size 8 in these. Get a FULL SIZE down from what you usually wear. They don’t have half sizes though. Still, YOU NEED THESE SHOES! 😀

I didn’t go too crazy with my purchases this month, just a bit heavy on the shoes. 😉

Have you tried any of these products? Or see shoes you like?

– Chantal 🙂

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