Last-Minute Gift Ideas from FarleyCo ft. I Love, 7th Heaven, and Profusion Magnetix

If you need some last-minute gift ideas, here are some suggestions for the beauty lovers in your life.

FarleyCo I Love 7th Heaven Profusion Magnetix

I love… Signature Selection Box Set

Who doesn’t love a set of yummy smelling body washes?! These are great if you’re not sure what kind of scents your recipient prefers. Or if they’re for yourself 😉 you can try them all before deciding on a full-size bottle.

FarleyCo I love… Signature Selection Box Set body wash

Violet DreamsThis enchanting and beautifully dreamy scent is heady and intoxicating, combining the strong scent of childhood favourite parma violets with the sweet scent of pretty florals. Key notes: bergamot, green apple, parma violet, rose. — I don’t know why but I was expecting a lavender scent to this one, probably because of it’s violet hue. It does smell floral, but not like lavender. It’s a very light floral scent with a hint of fruitiness. I find it ok, but I would not buy this one full size.

Elderflower FizzThink gin, mouth-watering cucumber & floral freshness. Key notes: elderflower, jasmine, apple, cucumber. — This one I’m having a hard time figuring out its scent. I guess it’s like cucumber and apple with a floral accent to it. It’s not my favourite scent, but I don’t mind it.

Exotic FruitsA little taste of paradise is the perfect way to describe this totally tropical scent. Key notes: mango, grapefruit, melon, pineapple. — When I think about exotic scents I think of coconut and pineapple with a hint of vanilla, but this one smells citrusy. I find it’s like mandarin and mango, that kind of scent. Don’t get me wrong, it smells wonderful and I would grab the full size! It’s very summery and beachy. It’s just not what I think about when I see/hear “exotic”.

Glazed RaspberryOozing delicious berry scents and decadent dessert delights it’s a pleasure for the senses. Key notes: raspberry, strawberry, doughnut, vanilla. — This smells like a berry dessert, kind of like a berry-flavoured cake. The berry scent is stronger than the dessert scent, but there’s a sweetness to it that puts it into the dessert category. Yum! This one is definitely worth it in full size!

English RoseThis field of fresh floral scents is luxurious & surprisingly refreshing with notes of pear & red berries. Key notes: pear, red berries, rose, jasmine, amber. — This one reminds me of the British Rose collection from The Body Shop; they have a very similar scent. And it’s a floral scent that I like. I would buy the full size of this one.

Vanilla MilkThis winter warmer is rich & thick with the indulgent scent of fragrant vanilla, lightly combined with milky tones. Key notes: bergamot, vanilla, milk accord, amber. — I get a hint of spicy vanilla, and it also has this milky scent to it. I usually love vanilla-scented products, but this one I would pass on; it’s not my kind of vanilla scent. Both this one and Violet Dreams have bergamot in them and I can see the similarity in the scents, although it’s stronger in this one.

I love… Signature Selection Box Set body wash

This set is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix in stores (not online) and retails for $24.99. You can buy the individual scents on SDM online.

7th Heaven Renew You Face Masks

You know I love my face masks! 7th Heaven has this new line called Renew You that offers affordable luxury, complete with 24-karat gold and carefully selected botanicals to provide unparalelled care for specific skin needs.

This new range contains:

  • Detox & Replenish Hydrogel Mask ($4.99) Hydrates, soothes, restores and repairs skin.
  • Gold Collagen Eye Masks ($2.99) Targets puffiness and dark circles, soothes & replenishes skin.
  • 24K Gold Firming Sheet Mask ($4.99) Maintains the natural skin function & hydrates.

FarleyCo 7th Heaven Renew You Face Masks

I have not had the chance to try these yet, but keep your eyes out for a review in January.

You can buy these online at FarleyCo (along with many more 7th Heaven face masks) and they’ll be coming to: London Drugs, Rexall, Pharmaplus, Pharmasave, Jean Coutu, Uniprix, Familiprix, and Brunet.

Profusion Magnetix Magnetic Plate and Makeup Brushes

This magnetic brush set is GORGEOUS! It has this metallic base and the brushes have magnets in them that makes them stand on the base. And everything is rose gold!

Profusion Magnetix Magnetic Plate and Makeup Brushes

The base plate comes with an eyeshadow brush for $17.99, and you can buy the rest of the brushes individually ($10.99-$14.00). Shown here with the Powder Brush:

Profusion Magnetix Magnetic Plate and Makeup Brushes

Profusion Magnetix Magnetic Plate and Makeup Brushes

You can also get the Core Collection ($45.99) which comes with four brushes and a square frame, on which you can put your brushes upside down after washing them!

Profusion Magnetix products are available on, Lawtons Drugs, and select IDA Guardian, Pharmasave stores.

Do you see any products you’d love as gifts or for yourself?

Chantal 🙂

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