Monthly Purchases: December 2019

Let’s do a final goodbye to 2019 by looking at what I purchased in December. This is a big one because Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) had a bonus redemption event where redeeming 200,000 points gave you $300 worth of products instead of the regular $200, so I went for it! Let’s dig in…!


monthly purchases december 2019 body

Lalicious – Birthday Cake Body ButterI’ve reviewed this product already.

OPI – Nail Envy for Soft & Thin Nails – I grabbed this one at Winners because I have soft and thin nails, and it’s less expensive there.


monthly purchases december 2019 face

Clinique – Super City Block Oil-Free Face Protector, SPF 40 – I wear this as my facial sunblock when I do my makeup. It helps protect my skin and it gives a coverage boost to my foundation. This is a repurchase and was part of my SDM haul.

essence – micellar water – I use micellar water on the daily and I love essence so I had to get this one. It would be a perfect size to travel with. It does have a bit of perfume in it, but I don’t mind it. This was part of my SDM haul.

Lipglosses – I’ve been on the hunt for a drugstore alternative to my beloved MAC Lipglass (easier access and less $$) so I picked up a few lipglosses. Some were part of my SDM haul and some were purchased at Walmart (using cash back). I will review all of these soon.

Shiseido – Facial Cotton (x2) – These are my FAVOURITE facial cottons! Also part of my SDM haul.

SweetSpot – Unscented Gentle Cleanser (x2) – This works great on your sweet spot 😉 and your face, so I also use this on my face when I shower in the morning. It helps remove the oil buildup from the night without stripping my skin of all its moisture. I have one in my gym bag too for when I shower at the office because it’s good for the entire body. This is a repurchase and was part of my SDM haul.

Yes To – Cucumber Facial Wipes – I’ve been wanting to try these since reading Tori’s post (Doll & Dye), so I finally grabbed them in my SDM haul. I have not tried them yet because I have another pack open.


monthly purchases december 2019 hair

I bought a few hair accessories at Ardene. You could get 4 items for $10 so I got some hair clips (seen above) and two fabric headbands (a black and a pink/purple – not included in picture, woops!).

COLAB – Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo + – I’ve mentioned before that this is my favourite volumizing dry shampoo and it’s hard to find in stores around here. I was so happy when I saw TWO of them at Winners so I just HAD to get them both!

Number-One – 2.1in round hair brush – After getting my hair coloured and trimmed again at the beginning of December, it’s been a bit too short to use my Revlon hairdryer brush so I’m back to using a regular hairdryer and brush. I didn’t have a round brush this size yet so I grabbed one on Amazon. It’s been working really well; the boar bristles help get a good grip on the hair to keep it in the brush as I’m drying it.

Schwarzkopf – BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Treatment – I bought this from my haidresser since I was looking for a hair treatment to help with my colour-treated hair. I’ve been liking it so far.

Sheet Masks

monthly purchases december 2019 sheet masks

I bought a few sheet masks at SDM. The kits were purchased on Boxing Day and the individual ones were part of my mega haul:

Then we have the MaskerAide Weather Warrior Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask that I bought from my friend who owns Blush Beauty Lounge.


The only clothing item I bought in December was a pair of boots from Yellow Shoes. I had originally ordered two pairs, but the other pair didn’t fit well so I returned them. The ones I kept are really comfortable and keep my feet warm. I don’t have a picture wearing the boots so here are the pics from the site.

yellow shoes wade winter boots

And that’s it! It’s a lot, but with the point redemption and cash back, I didn’t spend as much as it looks like I did.

I did get more than what I showed you in my SDM haul (I did have $300-worth of products), but some items were for my husband and some were for my daughter so I didn’t share those with you.

Have you tried any of these products? And did you take advantage of the SDM bonus redemption event in December?

– Chantal 🙂

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