Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple (new formula) – Swatches and Review

A little over a month ago I showed you essie‘s nail polish in Mint Candy Apple, but that was the old formula (which is the perfect robbin’s egg blue – go see it). After finding out I had the old formula I just HAD to get the new formula too. While strolling the nail polish isle at Shoppers Drug Mart I found the new formula so I bought it, obviously, and today I’m sharing it with you.

Essie Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple

This version of Mint Candy Apple is the perfect mint green and I absolutely LOVE it! The formula was great to work with too being fully opaque with two coats, and having a beautiful even and shiny finish on its own (which you obviously can’t see right now because I mattified my nails).

Essie Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple

I wanted to do some nail art to accompany the swatches and I couldn’t resist doing a green apple 🍏 so I freehanded one. I think it turned out pretty good, right? 🙂

Essie Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple

Here are all the products I used for this nail art.

Essie Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple nail art

I always start with a base coat, then I applied two coats of snow alert! on my ring finger and two coats of Mint Candy Apple on all other nails. Using my nail art brushes I first drew in the apple with Mint Candy Apple, then I added the stem with Desire and the leaf with the green & the grunge. After letting the design dry for a few minutes I sealed it in with a quick coat of Invisible, then I finished off my manicure with two coats of matte topcoat on all nails.

Essie Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple

I’m really happy that I picked up the new formula of Mint Candy Apple because it really is a beautiful mint green, and although my true nail polish love lies with dark vampy colours, I really really really like this type of colour too!

I’ll be doing a comparison soon of both versions of this nail polish so you can see how they look next to each other.

Do you have a penchant for mint green as well?

– Chantal 🙂

Buy Essie Mint Candy Apple at: Target, Rite Aid, Walmart (US), Walmart (Canada).

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