Bonne fête Acadie! – Acadian Flag Nail Art

Bonne fête à tous les Acadiennes et Acadiens! Today is National Acadian Day. For those who don’t know, I’m from New Brunswick and grew up in Acadia, which is a region that goes through the East Coast in Canada and the US, but mostly in Canada. It’s where the first settlers from France lived when they came to the Americas. The Acadian flag is the French flag with a gold star in the blue stripe. The star represents the Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea, the Virgin Mary.

Acadie drapeau acadien nail art

Here are all the products that went into this nail art.

Acadie drapeau acadien nail art

  • OPI – Natural Nail Base Coat
  • essence – sunset paradise (blue) x2 coats
  • essence – wild white ways (white) x3 coats
  • essence – fame fatal (red) x2 coats
  • MoYou London – Banana Ice (yellow)
  • China Glaze – Fairy Dust (glitter) x1 coat
  • essie – speed setter topcoat
  • Sally Hansen – clear
  • Craft Smart – black acrylic paint
  • Nail vinyls (brand unknown)
  • Candy Coat – Super Shiny Top Coat
  • Paint brush

After applying the colours on the nails I added a layer of topcoat on all nails. Once that was dry I applied the star decal on my index finger and filled it in with the yellow nail polish. I then waited for that to dry and quickly did one swipe of the clear nail polish to seal it in.

Acadie drapeau acadien nail art

For the thumb I used black acrylic paint to write the word Acadie. I first practiced writing it MANY times on a paper plate. I even restarted a few times on my thumb as well. What’s nice with using acrylic paint over topcoat is that you can use rubbing alcohol to swipe it off. I think this final result was my fifth time writing it on my thumb. I then sealed it in with clear nail polish.

Then the next day after waking up I added a gel topcoat on all nails to make them last longer.

Acadie drapeau acadien nail art

I’ve been wanting to do the Acadian flag on my nails for YEARS and I’m so happy that I finally did it! The only thing I would change would be the agle of the word Acadie, I would have it start from the upper left and go towards the bottom right (instead of bottom left to upper right) so that it would be in line with the rest of my nails, know what I mean? But that’s a minor detail. I’m so happy with the end result!!

Bonne fête Acadie!

– Chantal 🙂

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